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Our Facilities

Immerse yourself in a unique and high-end environment nestled in the tranquillity of the countryside. Escape the ordinary and let your creativity thrive in a space harmonising nature's beauty with cutting-edge technology.

Our primary studio and base of operations. 

Amidst the forest, this rustic recording studio, which combines state-of-the-art equipment with vintage gear and a diversity of instruments, was built by our founder, Pilou, and his family in 2012. 

Since then, we have been involved in more than 200 musical and audio-visual projects.

​This Recording Studio is ready to offer you a unique experience during your creative projects in any genre of music, including music for film and TV production, with a great vibe and professional support.

ModifPilFilm deVampire-9.jpg

L'Auberge Incroyable is a four-star inn that was once a church's presbytery. It provides a comfortable and rural experience with a turnkey style.

We are prepared to accommodate your team for any creative project or teambuilding with six rooms and bathrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, a pool, and a relaxing area.

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