An inspiring place to create, record and experience music.

Founded by Pierre-Philippe Côté (aka Pilou) in 2012, Studio Le Nid is tucked away in the small village of Saint-Adrien, Québec. The studio is surrounded by a beautiful forest, which allows for an incredibly immersive and personal writing and recording experience.

As a member of the BEAM, Studio le Nid constantly aims to develop a network of audio-visual professionals at the top of their fields with the intention of working together to create projects and  jobs highlighting Quebec talent.

Hand-built by Pierre-Philippe and a handful of friends, this barn-style studio was built with locally sourced wood and clay and offers a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Filled with both vintage and state-of-the-art equipment, cozy couches and a fireplace, the studio offers a tranquil space to truly immerse oneself in an energizing environment to stimulate creation.

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